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Here is what some of our satisfied customer's have had to say.

Woody Harrelson decked out in Sativa

     I love Sativa Hemp Wear!  It's a long, long way from the time when we used
to wear burlap and be satisfied with just making a statement. Chris and Abby have
kept my bod clad in the finest hemp wear for many years...they have a style all
their own that my friends and I love. Woody Harrelson Academy Award nominated Hollywood actor Environmental Activist (Shown in Sativa long sleeve shirt and drawstring pants)

Steve Grimes in Sativa

     A couple years ago a long time friend gave me a hemp shirt from Sativa Hemp Wear.
I never knew they existed before that. I now have four of them and they are my first choice
of all my clothes - even above my favorite aloha shirts! As a guitar builder I'm a big fan of
meticulous craftmanship, and the hemp wear from Chris and Abby is the finest handmade
clothing I've ever gotten inside of. Steve Grimes Renowned master guitar builder (Shown in Sativa with one of his hand made "Beamer" guitars)

Ken Kennel in a hand painted Sativa shirt

     I wanted to let you know about my feelings about my hemp and hemp blend shirts
and clothing...Currently I own four hemp shirts and I have given many shirts, robes,
skirts and other articles of clothing as all cases, and I'm not exaggerating,
these articles of clothing not only immediately became my and other peoples favorites,
they improved with wear and only got better with age! Ken Kennel Pointillistic Painter and wood carver (Shown wearing one of his paintings on a Sativa shirt)

Wanted to say thank you on behalf of myself (the blue jamms) and Monica
(orange skirt) for the best hemp products anywhere! And thank you so much
for the pouches and the hair scrunchie and the soap. My wife is in heaven
and I too love your stuff. Hopefully we can see you again soon.
We love you guys! Take care. Again, can't thank you enough.

-Jack Peabody

Cruisin' through Jamaica and Cuba with the hippest clothes in town! Didn't get a chance to thank you for the awesome job you did on the pants... I LOVE THEM and so does everyone who sees them. -Laura Louie

I totally love my pants. Thank you so much. I love your clothes!! -Cindy Biggers (former president of The Hemp Industries Association)

Hey Chris! I just wanted to let you know that I have spent the past few months testing the pants that you sent me and I must say that they are terrific! They are very durable and have excellent breathability. The fit was very roomy and they drape nicely. I would recommend them for both Yoga and Martial Arts practitioners as well as those who are looking for comfortable casual pants to kick around in. Whether you are going out or lounging around the house you can`t go wrong with the look or feel of these pants. -John Doremus

Dear Chris I got the package yesterday, the pants are beautiful. I am looking forward to loving them well. And I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future. -Michelle Secord

Hey folks, Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I just got the clothes I ordered, and I couldn't be more happy and satisfied. I really love your clothing, and pretty much don't have to wear anything else anymore. I've found it to be comfortable and durable, I look good and feel good in it. The fit is great from the measurements that you took over the phone. Thanks! I look forward to stopping in to your store again on my next trip to Maui, this winter. I'm so glad you do what you do. -Steve Becker

Chris, I have the hemp in my hands!!! Ready to show it off to all my family and friends. Great stuff!! I'm glad I found you on my search of the web. The shirt and pants are very nice, I will shop with you in the future!! Thanks, Keep the real wear coming!!! -Jason Kohout

Aloha! My name is Mike Hayes. You shipped me a custom order pair of drawstring pants. I just want to tell you that they are perfect and you guys are absolutely amazing. I never even worried about them. You really did right! Best regards. -Mike Hayes

I got the shirt and pants and I LOVE them! They are so comfortable! I expect to order again in the near future...Peace, -Toby

My boyfriend loved the pair I bought for him, I had to get a pair of my own! (Drawstring pants with gusset) -Emily Stephens

My name is Einar and I recently ordered some Pants and a tank top from you. I just wanted to let you know that the package has arrived and I am extremely happy with the quality of the product and I will order some more soon and surely tell my friends what great service you've got there! Satisfied customer, Einar Sigurosson

Got them today, and they(drawstring pants with gusset) are PERFECT. Makes me want to wear them on a nice trip...maybe Hawaii -Phillop Bernot

You are correct, aside from an airline ticket to Ghana, the gusseted pants are the most wise investment I have made in quite some time. Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf. Your newest, biggest fan! -Tiffany Tucker

I did get my shirt. LOVE IT!!! ;-) Mahalo! -Mark Lathrop

Hey Abby; thanks for getting in touch. I am SO IN LOVE with my two drawstring pants, you were right about the beige pair..they fit like a charm. -Russel Chalk

Hi, Joe Flanagan here. I recieved my shirt and pants and they're great. -Joe Flanagan

Thank you again for writing me back. I am so pleased with the service I have received from you as of now. Your help has been greatly appreciated. I could not have had the piece of mind to order such a special piece of my wedding without your help. -Terri Matheny
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